A return to form…

I realize I’ve not been blogging, as I have meant to do. Thus shall I hang my head in shame.


Anyway, a quick update, the best way I know how…



I’m mid-collection of Holmes pastiches by modern authors (including Gaiman and King).

I just finished Danse Macabre by Stephen King, not a novel but a book about horror as a genre, across media.

I plan on re-reading Deathly Hallows in excited preparation for seeing the film (which I hope to do whilst it’s in theaters– I don’t often go to see films in the theater)



Venture Brothers. I am PSYCHED beyond PSYCHED for the hour season finale. I can’t express my love for this show.

Jeopardy!. But that’s a given. College tournament just finished. I need to get back into college so I can go on the next college tournament, because those ‘I go to a real university’ guys missed some really obvious answers.

Glee. Like whoa.



The last thing I saw in a theater: ‘Reefer Madness’, avec Rifftrax. I wasn’t able to make it to their ‘House on Haunted Hill’, but it’s okay, because I would’ve been going alone.

The next thing I hope to see in a theater: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

DVDs I need to get around to: Way too many. I have to watch ‘From Dusk Til Dawn’ on the computer on my own time, because no one will watch it with me. Too gory/violent/swear-y, etc. The family has to watch Adam and a lot of cartoons.

DVDs I need to rent: Inception– it’s KILLING me that I haven’t seen this yet, especially since A) it has Joseph Gordon Levitt, whom I have loved ever since he was Tommy Solomon, and B) I saw a little featurette thing about the use of practical effects instead of computer effects, and I’m a nerd like that. I also need to rent ‘Repo!’, which Dave at least has said he’ll watch with me. I hate that I didn’t do it two years ago, and then I put it off for a year…



Edith Piaf. ‘La Vie En Rose’ is my favourite, ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien’ is my second favourite. Then ‘Padam, Padam’, ‘Milord’, and ‘Autumn Leaves’, but I don’t have those three.

The song ‘Tea’ by Luminescent Orchestrii cannot be bought anywhere, not even for ready money. Which is all right, one supposes, since one (er, me. I. Oh, dash it all!) is trying to save money. But it’s sooooo good. Well, at least I can hear it temps du temps on Clockwork Cabaret.

I’m making a lot of CDs, forĀ  me, for the family, as gifts. I really like putting playlists together.

As always, Meat Loaf. Also some Tim Curry (Baby Love!), Muse (Ruled By Secrecy playing right now), and Tom Waits. Eclectic stuff.

Getting into J.G. Thirlwell also.



Writing, of course. Some Post-Cyberpunk stuff– as far as aesthetics go, I’m far more into Steampunk, and I also dig a lot of Dieselpunk stuff, but I’ve been more writing Cyberpunk, which seems odd to me, but hey. Also when I get stuck doing that, I write fanfiction to get my muse loose and running.

Trying to get the bare bones of a D&D game together. I have one person committed to playing, and a potential location all nice and scouted out! I just need to get my act together and get over my encroaching social phobia (it’s been getting worse, and it’s really hard to get out of the house sometimes, but I’m working on it).

Drawing, a LOT. Mostly people, either figure drawing or faces at three-quarter view. After that, I draw cats. I also drew out some simple graphic things that would be cute on tiny t-shirts.

Miniatures. Looking for them, sewing miniature things. I hope to do some miniature knitting soon. I’d like to try my hand at A) a top hat, and B) a chair, as far as making doll-sized stuff goes. And I need to sew some dollie things as Christmas gifts.


And that’s how things are at chez Aspergirl.