Vent Ire to Prevent Explosion? Y/N

This is a fandom rant, so if you don’t care about that sort of thing, then go on your way. It’s all right, I won’t be offended. I promise.

Are they gone? Okay, good, because it’s about to get REAL in here.

I’m not on any forums specific to Glee or anything, but I do love it, and I do spend time on the Internet (when I can– I’m typing on a very tiny keyboard right now because I’m having a proxy server issue. If anyone knows what a proxy server is, feel free to let me know what I should be doing, the error screen has been no help), so I catch bits and pieces of the fan chat.

I cannot BELIEVE how many people there are now who ‘ship Kurt/Karofsky. (For the unenlightened, to ‘ship something is to root for or desire a relationship between the characters/objects indicated, and is short for ‘relationship’. As a term, it became popular in fandom in general after X-philes used it to refer to the fans who wanted Mulder/Scully to happen)

The logical, adult part of me believes fandom is for everybody. I’m not an exclusionist. I want to share the love, there’s enough to go around. But when I see that there are fans who think this would be ‘more interesting’ or (pardon the soft retching noises that accompany this statement) ‘hotter’, I think ‘How can there be so many fans of this show who have never been bullied?’, and then I think ‘Get the [expletive redacted] out of MY fandom!’

Because I have been bullied, thank you very much, and the idea of dating one of my tormentors? It’s vile, it’s wrong, and to imagine having to put up with the shoving and the name calling, and then on top of that, to think that there was a sexual aspect to my bullies’ motives? I’ve been out of that environment for YEARS, and I still feel unsafe when I think about that. I know the kind of fear that constantly being targeted instills, and having a relationship with the person who does this to you? It’s not ‘interesting’, and it’s certainly not ‘hot’. At best it implies some kind of Stockholm Syndrome-esque coping mechanism, and any way you slice it the whole thing begins with sexual assault. NOT romantic.

There are other fans who don’t think they should date but still try to cast Karofsky in a sympathetic light after the revelation, with the belief that ‘he’s hurting/struggling’, and ‘they should at least become friends now’. Ha ha, no. Hurting and struggling is not carte blanche to assault, sexually or otherwise, anybody else. No one should be compelled to befriend someone based solely on the fact that that person is struggling with something you were strong enough to own. Certainly no one should be expected to befriend someone who put them in mortal terror.

Will I be upset if they become friends on the show? Well, I think it’s completely unlikely, but if there was a realistic portrayal of Karofsky growing up, making a heartfelt apology, changing his ways… I still think it would take years before they could approach ‘friendship’. And I don’t think the writers are really going to try for that. They have no motive to do so.

Okay, now is the time for me to /rant and apologize for taking up your time with my negativity. I’m aware that you can be a fan of Glee without having been the bullied artsy kid in school, though it seems strange to me. I missed last night, so I’m still hung up on the previous week’s issues and fanwank, but I’ll get over it.  If you actually hung with me through all that, then thank you.


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  1. Wendela
    Dec 04, 2010 @ 16:30:07

    You have ‘ranted’ an extremely important truth in a very real, communicative and heartfelt way. I wish you could post this on every site where all the K/K ‘shippers (and all the bullies and all the victims) in the world can read it. Hear, hear!


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