PunkPunk (or Subculture Wars)

Were I to categorize myself, as I occasionally do, I’d put myself firmly into the ‘Steampunk’ camp. I love things like dirigibles, penny farthings bicycles, fancy mustaches, bustles– I could go on.

The transformation to Lady Bracknell begins

As evidenced by my FANCY HAT and LACY FAN

The novel I’m working on? Not at all steam-y. No, it’s… it’s…


Well, post-cyberpunk, if you want to be precise– and I always do.

Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising. I love techy, nerdy stuff. I love film noir. I DON’T love some of the scene stuff that calls itself ‘cyberpunk’, I think it’s silly, and can’t find any relationship between dark meditations on the meaning of humanity in a future overrun by technological advancement and the wearing of boots made from neon pink craft fur. I’m just saying.

That said, I’m finding it weird sometimes when I’m trying to get into the post-cyberpunk mindset, and my writing music/wardrobe suddenly screams Neo-Victorian at me. Time to put some techno into rotation on the ol’ iTunes, I guess, and trade my lace fans and frill-tacular hats in for geek-chic tees. Or maybe just a slowly-spinning ceiling fan and some Enka music…