Link Time

Yeah! Link time!

You know that’s not what I mean.


Cheer up, emo elf. I’ve got links to stuff! Good stuff!


Aspies Online, which I feel I ought to have plugged afore now. Anyway, it’s currently a very local thing and all, but yeah. That would be where I’m primarily involved, I guess.

This is one blog/article on Holmes and Asperger’s. It is not the first one I found, which I seem to have lost the link to, but in looking for it, I found that there are many. Which saves me the trouble of writing one, I suppose, though I have given it a lot of thought. If I find the first article, I’ll link to it in future, because it was really quite good.

Related to the above, TVTropes’ page on Ambiguously Autistic. The Internet comes together to index a bunch of fictional characters who may or may not have a place on the Autism spectrum. Under ‘Film’, mentions the restaurant scene from the recent Sherlock Holmes film, which I’ve told people is the closest any film could come to accurately portraying What I Experience In Restaurants. It could really only come closer if it piped into filmgoers’ nostrils the aroma of every dish and wine in the surrounding area. A word of warning, though– TV Tropes might ruin your life…


Echo Bazaar is a browser-based game I’ve recently become quite taken with (as anyone who knows me on Facebook or Twitter shall have to come to grips with). One signs on via either a Facebook or a Twitter account, though the game is otherwise unrelated to the two, aside from the ability to echo things on either. Anyway, it’s very Steampunk, rather clever, and just a bit Lovecraftian. I’m quite taken. I have two characters. In the game, you can catch cats and they whisper secrets to you! That’s what I do with my real cats!

Epbot is a blog (for which I have no cute image, my apologies!) by the same blogger who does Cake Wrecks (which I also recommend, though it occasionally causes me to laugh ’til I choke), about various things. Geeky things, Disney things, crafty things, Steampunk things… It’s been known to hit many of my interests, and it’s a fun read. And, it tipped me off to…


No, not kitty, Graphics Fairy, a wonderful land of Victorian clip art and such.


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  1. Wendela
    May 22, 2011 @ 02:20:23

    Great links! Fun to follow. Might I add ?


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